Malcolm tries to put pen to paper as a lead up to retirement from the NHS

As I sit and ponder, Oh how I wonder what will happen, where I’ll be in the year ahead.

I have met many young patients that had fears in their heads when they were bled.
That is why I started Harvey’s Gang to help empower
To help educate the young after seeing first-hand how we helped young Harvey, and gave him the power.

There is a bond that should never be stressed or broken, the love of a mother and her child, the love of Dad and his lad.

To hear of the woes, tears and fears that the young lad or lass had of being held tight by Mum, and their tears and his fears of being bled.

A simple tour allayed those fears, meeting the people, seeing the machines, looking down microscopes seeing the tracks and watching the barcodes being read.

Saying “Hi” to the people, meeting the biomedical scientists that deal with many samples, not going to bed.

They have their own made to measure white laboratory Harvey’s gang coat to protect them on their visit to the lab

Don’t they just look fab; the coat empowers them, the coat protects, not just as a trainee Scientist, but as their own superhero coat, as they leave and step into the cab.

The young lass leaves the lab to go back to the ward still in her coat, with Mum or Dad or both, still wearing her I.D with pride, see that smile.

Smiling together, their lovely shared memories, but oh so different memories from different perspectives, but both to the same end, reducing the fear and stress of both lad and Dad.

She talks to her Play Specialist, friends and then presents at school about that fabulous day, still at play, in her own coat.
That day that changed her life, the day in hospital with a smile on her young face,
The day that will never be forgotten, by both her and all the laboratory staff that were able and honoured to meet her.

That day never forgotten, always remembered with a smile, a smile of hope, a tear of happiness, a hospital ward of hope, a world of potential, perhaps new biomedical scientists.

Where will I be in the year ahead, the year I retire, where will that lad or lass be?
Less fearful, if only.

Malcolm Robinson
Harvey’s Gang
January 04th 2019

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