Carson joined Harvey's gang in Dundee in November

In 2017 Carson was diagnosed with a brain tumour and has undergone several operations and many doses of radiotherapy and chemotherapy since then. 

We had Carson (5) visit us in Dundee in November.
During that time he received 12 red cells transfusions and 4 platelet transfusions.

Carson certainly made the most of his day out as a trainee scientist and has been enjoying teasing his sisters for the last week about his visit.

 It was great to meet Carson who is so enthusiastic (but kept us in line) and not fazed by any part of his treatment.

Loving the paw patrol wellies.  Ready for any eventuality!

 A Transfusionist of the future perhaps? Carson showing the empowerment and education of a Harvey's Gang tour, allaying any fear of the unknown.

Carson joining the great Harvey's gang team at Dundee. A picture showing our fabulous team work is; Putting the Patient at the Heart of the Laboratory: Patient Blood Management at work.

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