At Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary Harvey's Gang first tour of 2019

Blood Sciences at the Royal Victoria Infirmary welcomed its first visitor of 2019 when six-year-old Olivia and her mum, Terry, came to visit the laboratory.

Olivia requires red cell transfusion every 4 weeks so was really excited to find out what happens to her blood samples and to look at where the bags of blood come from. 

She brought her samples down to the lab and booked them onto the laboratory computer system with some help from Marc. She then loaded them onto the different analysers, or train tracks as we like to call them!

We made a blood film of Olivia’s sample and she was able to look at this down the microscope! She really enjoyed looking at her blood cells, and finding all the different white blood cells.

In transfusion we showed Olivia and her mum all the different blood products and found some blood that was the same group as her.

Finally in Biochemistry, George showed Olivia how the analyser works by demonstrating some colour change reactions – Olivia was especially excited when one turned her favourite colour, pink!

Welcome to Harvey’s Gang Olivia – it was a pleasure to have you!

Thank you Steph Teasdale and all Harvey's gang team at Newcastle RVI

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