Aiya joins Harvey's Gang at Birmigham Children's hospital

Aiya is a nearly 4 year old girl who has leukemia currently in year 2 of her treatment programme.  

Aiya  has numerous blood tests and blood transfusions.  

She has been poorly over her treatment period, requiring her to spend long periods in hospital to which her brother, Zain (who is 8 years old) has been resident and attending school in the hospital.  

Zain struggled with Aiya having the blood transfusions regularly commenting "is she going to die" whenever he saw a blood transfusion in progress.   

Mum contacted me about the tours after seeing a poster that I had displayed in the oncology parents room and from hearing the experience of another family. 

The tour was a huge success, we received excellent outstanding feed back where in summary (as was a lengthy feedback) mum stated that

" I can’t thank Michelle and the Lab scientists enough for the experience. And simply all their hard work that completely goes unnoticed!! It is a complete eye opener into what goes on behind the scenes. We have gained knowledge and understanding, and I think I’ve gained a scientist in the making!!"

Initially I had no scientists volunteer to lead the tour so it was led by one of our MLAs however as the tour got under way it become evident that the team were all pitching in at different areas of the labs and it ended up 

a team event and they all thoroughly enjoyed it and felt that this was a better approach rather than leaving it to one scientist which is how we had run the other tours. 

Kind Regards
Michelle Wakelin
Blood Transfusion Practitioner

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