Callum joins Harvey's gang at RVI Newcastle

There are many young children that require lots of blood samples and it is scary/frightening. We have reduced this fear! Scientists are introducing young children into their laboratories to help overcome their fear of needles and to empower the young patients to help take charge of their own illness or disease.

Blood Sciences at the RVI welcomed its latest Trainee Scientist on the 20th December when Callum came to visit. 

Callum, 6, comes to the hospital every month for a check-up and blood tests.

He brought his own blood samples down to the lab, and watched Lisa book them onto the computer system. After this he put the samples into special racks and then onto the two big analysers.
In haematology he watched his sample pass along the track to the storage area. We then made a blood film, and Callum looked at his own blood cells down the microscope. Callum was really excited that one of his neutrophils looked like a smiley face!

In the transfusion lab, Peter showed Callum all the different blood products we keep in stock and he really enjoyed feeling all the different products as they were different temperatures!
In biochemistry, Denise showed Callum how the analyser tests our blood for the hundreds of different things we carry around the body. Callum, and his mum and grandad, had to guess what the colour the plasma would change to – he guessed correctly twice out of three times!
At the end Callum was presented with a certificate and goodie bag – welcome to Harvey’s Gang!

NHS70 award for Children and Young People, presented by THE BBC One Show

MERRY Christmas Callum, and Merry Chriistmas to ALL

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