Aiden joins Harvey’s Gang at Great North Children’s Hospital

Aiden, a 6-year old patient from the Great North Children’s Hospital, visited the Blood Sciences lab with his mum on the 8th November. 

He was shown how to label a sample and book it onto the computer in reception and sent a message in the pod to everyone on the ward he was from!

He then loaded a sample onto the full blood count analysers, and learnt about how these machines count all of our cells. We then found Aiden’s sample from this morning and made a blood film which he looked at down the microscope! Aiden really enjoyed looking at his own blood and was amazed at how many blood cells he had!

In transfusion Laura, the biomedical scientist, showed his how samples are processed on the analyser and we selected some blood products that were the same group as Aiden.

Finally in the Biochemistry department, Aiden really loved all the big machines; he performed some colour change experiments and even helped us track away some samples.
When Aiden was back to the ward he sent the lab a message thanking everyone for

showing him around! What a great day for Aiden and the blood sciences lab!

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