Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh say hello, Harvey's gang.

Hello everyone at Harvey gang

We are delighted to announce we have had more patients through the doors of RHSC laboratories who have now become honorary member of  Harvey’s Gang. 

Amy, aged 12  diagnosis : ALL , had a behind the scenes tour of the laboratory on Wednesday 15th August with her mum Kate. Amy was a fantastic visitor to the laboratory, not only was it a pleasure for the staff to get the opportunity to meet Amy and putting the ‘face to a name’, reminding us of how there are patients behind every blood sample received into the department ,  Amy was very enthusiastic  and keen to hear about how we process and analyse her blood samples and how important the results are in treating her illness and making her feel better. 

Amy left the laboratory with a better understanding of the blood analysis process and also got to speak to Jo-Ann in person who was the first instrumental in her initial referral for further Haematology investigation. 

Amy she hopes to follow a career in  the NHS (both parents are consultants) so I gave her some career advice information on laboratory medicine and BMS

Finn Shearer aged 11 is the first boy visitor into the department, he arrived with his mum Kathryn, on Wednesday 19th September at 11am.

Finn was initially diagnosed with ALL in August 2013 and had a relapse in March 2017. Finn thoroughly enjoyed his walkaround of the blood science department, he was an absolute joy to be with and was really enthusiastic and engaged in meeting the laboratory staff and asking lots of questions. 

Particular highlights of the tour for Finn included receiving a pod back from the air tube system with a personal message from the haematology clinic, completing ‘ I spy’ game in the junior Scientist training kit, preparing a blood slide, looking down the microscope at his own blood and bone marrow and being able to identify the different cell types. He was also delighted when we presented him with his goody bag and a certificate of attendance as a Trainee Biomedical scientist for the day  -as he has told me he want to be a scientist when he grows up so I gave him some IBMS career information.

Tammy Hanson.

Very many thanks to everyone at RHSC Edinburgh, well done.
very best wishes, Malcolm

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