Oliver joins Harvey's Gang at Great North Children’s Hospital

Blood Sciences welcomed its newest Honorary Biomedical Scientist on the 15th October 

when Oliver joined Harvey’s Gang! Oliver, who is 5, suffers from Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) and is a frequent visitor to the Great North Children’s Hospital. ITP causes low platelets and results in recurrent bruising and bleeding.

Oliver’s Grandmother, Nicola, who also attended the visit said; “Oliver is always really interested when they take his blood samples, and wonders why when he’s bleeding they take even more blood!”
During the visit Oliver loaded samples onto the two main analysers and watched as they passed along the track!

He watched some colour change reactions in Biochemistry and also looked at blood cells down the microscope

He also enjoyed looking at the bags of blood cells, plasma and platelets in the Transfusion laboratory!

At the end of the visit Oliver was presented with a certificate and goody bag!

Thanks to Peter, Peter and Jodie for helping with Oliver’s visit!
Steph Teasdale
Trainee Clinical Scientist
Haematology and Transfusion

Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Thank you Steph, Peter, Peter, and Jodie, brilliant, great work, very many thanks, and welcome to Harvey's Gang OLIVER

In a year that has seen Malcolm (Harvey's Gang) awarded;

Certificate of recognition from BBTS

NHS70 award for Children and Young People, presented by THE BBC One Show

Biomedical Scientist of the Year 
Overall winner for Allied Health professional and healthcare scientists

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Harvey’s Gang Registered Charity Number: 1169181:

Twitter:                       #HarveysGang

Malcolm Robinson
Chief BMS Blood Transfusion
Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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