Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital start Harvey's Gang tours

Young patient goes behind the scenes at Birmingham Women's and children's hospital and joins Harvey's Gang:

On Tuesday 3rd July 2018 the laboratories were joined by 11 year-old Laraib Mahmood to join in the fun of a Harvey's Gang tour.  

Harvey's Gang invites ill youngsters to become trainee biomedical scientists for the day and to tour pathology laboratories with their families.

Blood tests and blood transfusions are a frequent occurrence for 11 year old Laraib Mahmood, who was diagnosed with ALL ABL2 Leukaemia in February 2017.  
Laraib and her family wondered where her blood samples go and how labs process the results.

Laraib became a scientist for the afternoon accompanied by her Mum and cousin.  Laraib was given her own Harvey's gang lab coat and also given her own trainee scientist badge.  Laraib along with her family saw the machines that test Laraib's bloods and met the scientists who run the labs. 
They also looked through the microscopes at blood cells, saw where the blood was stored and followed the journey of Laraib's blood through the lab.  From haematology Laraib and her family went on to look at the histology and microbiology labs and got to again look at cells through the microscope.

Mum said that the "tour was very special"

Laraib said "it was better than could have ever imagined and gave it a score of 1000/10"

Harvey’s Gang Registered Charity Number: 1169181:

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