Holly joined Harvey's gang with the Dundee team

The Dundee team were joined by Holly (13) and her mum (Fiona) on 4th June.  

 Holly has Hereditary Spherocytosis and has had her gall balder removed after complications arising from this.  She also has mild von Willibrands factor.  

Whilst she would like to attend school full time the spherocytosis means that she is always anaemic and therefore frequently tired.  She is still diligently studying at home though (wish all the staff here were as conscientious)!

Holly is also a very keen dancer and doesn’t let her anaemia stop her from enjoying ballet, highland dancing, jazz and broadway. Phew!

It was a pleasure to have someone visiting who is so keen to learn and find out about what we do and how it relates to her diagnosis.  A good time was had by all.  Holly is keen to visit the other laboratories to learn even more!

Welcome to Harvey's Gang Holly; I am glad you have joined as and good luck for the future, hopefully the Dundee team will get you into the other laboratories soon, best wishes, Malcolm, Founder Harvey's Gang

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