Another Harvey's Gang tour at Southampton, today

9 year old Zakir joined Harvey's Gang today

Kerry and her team in the Pathology laboratories are busy; Today the laboratories at UHS Southampton had the pleasure of a visit from Zakir (9) with his brothers, Rahim and Yasin, and their Mum & Dad

Zakir is a kidney transplant patient

His favourite part of the tour was ‘blobbing’ (AKA tile group) and his 12 year old brother loved the microscope

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Well done Kerry and Team, welcome to Harvey's Gang, Zakir;

And now we have "Blobbing" for Tile Grouping, but will this overtake yesterday's "Mango slushie" for (Platelets)! It's a new vocabulary, and I didn't do well with the real one!Have a great day, best wishes, Malcolm Robinson, Harvey's Gang

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