Peter Evans, LEGO Continuous Improvement Director joins Harvey's Gang

Harvey's Gang was honoured to host and ensure Peter Evans joined Harvey's Gang at both Worthing and St Richard's hospitals. THANK YOU,  I do really hope you enjoyed your time with us Peter as much as I enjoyed the time hosting you with us at Harvey’s gang 

Our team enjoyed meeting you and sharing idea's and Lego: Aidan and Adam only two, of our many, AFOL's and Play Specialists.

I do really hope that LEGO are able to help Harvey’s gang as we grow and achieve 70 sites this year and beyond. New sites will be Vermont in USA and Canada.

This is a diagram of our "tracked laboratory at St Richards. However
 we have a separate Manual handling, currently, larger laboratory at Worthing. Peter experienced a Harvey’s Gang tour, the Harvey's Gang Lab coat and Harvey's Gang Goody bag, including the FIRST orange Harvey’s Gang LabCold penguin in his Goody bag.

Additionally THANK YOU Peter and  LEGO for Bluefin (Worthing) and Howard (St Richard’s) wards new LEGO collection. It will be used by our young patient's (and not so young!)
Peter setting up with Harvey's Gang wall in the background.
LEGO heaven!

And who new LEGO biggest manufacturer on Tyres in the world!
6 bricks (4 x 2) same colour: over 910 million combinations, just from 6 bricks!
The education of LEGO working WITH Harvey's Gang will be amazing.

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