Lily joins Harvey's Gang in Dundee

The Dundee team had Lily (10) visit and join Harvey's gang on 18th December. 

Lily was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma back in April after going to the doctor about a lump on her shoulder.  

Whilst being on chemotherapy Lily has won the National Championships for her dancing and won the Scottish Championships 2 weeks ago, only 10 days after the removal of her left shoulder blade and part of left shoulder muscle removed.  (Huge congratulations Lily).

She does Street dance, Ballet and Tap, to name but a few!

It was a delight to have Lily visit us today and for joining us with our wearing of silly specs!
Lesley MacDonald.

Welcome Lily to the family of Harvey's Gang: (Caitlin joined Harvey's gang in Ashford in 2015) Like Caitlin, who suffers from Ewing’s Sarcoma also, we are amazed at your strength and bravery too. Caitlin recently won a Good Morning Britain award. Perhaps Caitlin and you could become "pen-pals"?
Very best wishes,


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