Race Night!

Hey Guys, 

Kayleigh here!  

Before I even start with this blog, can I just say how amazing it is that Harvey's Gang is now a charity! I'm looking forward to becoming more involved, fundraising and writing more for Harvey's Gang! 

I haven't really introduced myself properly to Harvey's Gang followers. I'm Kayleigh. I am an Author, Writer and Blogger. I have my own blog which I'll link at the bottom of this blog if your interested in getting to know me a bit more! I was honoured when Malcolm asked me to become involved with Harvey's Gang last year in trying to do some projects which one lead to setting up this blog and being asked to become a trustee for Harvey's Gang. And I'll apologise for not writing to you guys on here a lot but all that is about to change! I shall try and upload weekly! 

Last night we went down to the Gardener's Arms for a Race Night for Harvey's Gang! 

All money that was put on the horses and donations went towards Harvey's Gang and everyone was very kind with donating lots of money towards our cause! We all put money on horses too but unfortunately didn't win! 

Tiernan and the horse we bet on!

Harvey's sister Evie won £5 on the horses!!

 There was also a raffle which we very excitedly took part in and brought lots of tickets!!

We even won a prize in the raffle!! 


Evie won on the raffle too!

We took a few snaps of the venue and the crowd! 

Plus we all couldn't resist a sneaky selfie! 

Andi and I wore our Harvey's Gang Tshirts! 

Claire, Harvey's mother said a few words about Harvey's Gang and thanked everyone for supporting us. It was also my first time meeting her and the rest of Harvey's family.  I found Harvey's family so inspiring and it made me feel honoured and proud to be a part of Harvey's Gang. 

Harvey's mum Claire, Dad Richard and sister Evie.
I'm not too sure how much we raised last night but as soon as I hear or Malcolm hears we will update you! 

I'd like to say a massive thanks on behalf of everyone involved with Harvey's Gang for everyone's donations and wanting to get more involved. 

Also Andrew wanted a mention on the blog and would like to thank him and David and anyone else I haven't mentioned for all of the hard work they put into the Race Night! 

You can visit David's website here 

Till next time,

Kayleigh xxx

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Keep an eye out for these . . . 

We have out own donation pots!!

If you come across one, if you wouldn't mind putting a small donation in it to help support all the work that we do! A little goes a long way!

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