Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Holly climbs Snowdon to raise funds for Harvey's gang

Firstly a HUGE apology from me, Malcolm, for my tardiness for loosing these pictures and stories though my lack of I.T. skills. SORRY Holly.

I would like to send a huge thanks to Holly Whitehouse for such a mountainous effort.Well done Holly

Holly writes:
Dear Malcolm,
I'm here to tell you about my walk up the mountain, Snowdon.
After school I rushed home because my friend was picking us up after school. It took us three hours to get there. Once we were there we went for food. Since we didn't stop through the journey we had to go for food. Once we got back to the hotel I went straight to sleep since I had a big day the next day.

The next day, I was up and getting ready. For breakfast we went to Weatherspoons for a joyfull breakfast. While everyone was getting there I put on my walking boots and waited for everyone to get there. I felt excited to get started because I had my Mom and brother; also scared because I knew it was going to take ages. Off we set to climb the mountain.

At first it started with a few hills and then when we got to the start of the mountain we took a few photos. Me and my football team mates, tried to stick together, but we ended up splitting up. When we got to the halfway house we stopped for the toilet and an ice cream. 

When we came to a massive hill I was shattered but I was not about to stop. After that hill there was another massive hill. Me and my friend were terrified because we are scared of heights and you could see over it. We just didn't look down. 

When we made it to the top it was freezing. We were that high we were in the clouds.I had a picture right at the top and went to the shop there. i got a stress ball to play football with my brother. It took us three hours and thirty minutes. On the way down it was much quicker and not as hard. 

When we got back down we went back to the hotel and me and my brother watched TV in the hotel. Eventually me and my brother went to bed. In the morning we set off home. When I was home I went straight to sleep.
That's my story of me climbing Snowdon,
yours sincerely, Holly,
 aged 11

What can I say, Malcolm, wow Holly well done and a HUGE thanks Well done you are an inspiration, and your two-page handwritten letter is lovely, neater handwriting than mine.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Our Newest Trainee Scientist – Charlie!

Charlie is a frequent visitor to the Great North Children’s Hospital – 

but finds it really upsetting to get his blood taken. His mum, Hollie, thought it would be a great idea for him to find out about the important of blood tests, and hoped that it would relieve some of his anxieties.

After a shy start Charlie was soon enjoying his visit to the lab; learning about the different blood cells with Peter, a biomedical scientist (BMS), and then drawing what he saw down the microscope.

He then performed some biochemistry tests and Denise, a biochemistry BMS, explained the importance of having just the right amount of chemicals in your blood, which is why we need to test it. Charlie really enjoyed guessing what colour would be made in the experiments and he was able to wear goggles and gloves like a real scientist!

Charlie, and everyone in the lab, really enjoyed his visit and he was presented with a certificate at the end! Well done to Charlie and welcome to Harvey’s Gang!

Thanks Steph and all the team in Newcastle. Harvey's gang is growing well.

Harvey’s Gang Registered Charity Number: 1169181:

Twitter:                       #HarveysGang

best wishes, Malcolm

Aiden joins Harvey’s Gang at Great North Children’s Hospital

Aiden, a 6-year old patient from the Great North Children’s Hospital, visited the Blood Sciences lab with his mum on the 8th November. 

He was shown how to label a sample and book it onto the computer in reception and sent a message in the pod to everyone on the ward he was from!

He then loaded a sample onto the full blood count analysers, and learnt about how these machines count all of our cells. We then found Aiden’s sample from this morning and made a blood film which he looked at down the microscope! Aiden really enjoyed looking at his own blood and was amazed at how many blood cells he had!

In transfusion Laura, the biomedical scientist, showed his how samples are processed on the analyser and we selected some blood products that were the same group as Aiden.

Finally in the Biochemistry department, Aiden really loved all the big machines; he performed some colour change experiments and even helped us track away some samples.
When Aiden was back to the ward he sent the lab a message thanking everyone for

showing him around! What a great day for Aiden and the blood sciences lab!

Sumayya joins Harvey's gang in Ninewells, Dundee

Dundee BTS were joined by Sumayya (7), along with her Mum, Dad and brother Hassan. 

Lesley, how can you not grant this young Lady anything; Lovely picture.

A rare opportunity to see the lovely Lesley smiling. More please.

 Sumayya was born with Beta Thalassaemia Major, a genetic condition which means that the structure of the red cell is weakened and can result in red cell destruction.

This means she requires a transfusion every month. 

The staff at BTS were happy to meet Sumayya as we have been providing transfusion support for her since birth, and it’s lovely to put a face to the name.

This visit also included Blood Sciences Laboratory for the first time; 

David and Fiona did a great job showing Sumayya how her samples are processed on the automated track. 

They created a ‘make your own blood’ experiment (which I loved!), showed slides being made with her sample and what they looked like down the microscope.

The next day Sumayya arrived at BTS (with her Nurse) to collect her transfusion that she saw being crossmatched. She was proudly wearing her Harvey’s Gang lab coat and sporting her very own wee stethoscope.

Thanks Lesley for their tour and for sharing the story of Sumayya and Hassan.

Harvey’s Gang Registered Charity Number: 1169181:

Twitter:                       #HarveysGang

Malcolm Robinson
Chief BMS Blood Transfusion
Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Nyah joins Harvey's gang in Watford

Nyah met the team at Watford laboratory and joined Harvey's gang having an in-depth tour of the laboratories. 

Nyah said she wanted to know about science to understand more of the tour. So Nyah' wish was Ben's command and he tried to make it as simple as possible without being too basic.

In Nyah' Harvey's gang tour (with her Grandad) the team came together and an experienced Clinical Scientist in chemistry explained the in-depth difficult chemistry department.

Then we had a Specialist Biomedical Scientist (BMS) explain Haematology. 

A Senior Laboratory Assistant (MLA) explained how the Laboratory Management System and sample reception and booking in worked. 

Regretfully on the day the Blood Transfusion laboratory was very busy so the tour was quite quick. However Nyah did get to see blood cells down a microscope and put her own sample on the Full Blood Count analyser.

Nyah' really enjoyed the tour and was really pleased with it.
Ben has offered her another visit in the future should she wish it, when she’s learned more from school.

The local press have written Nyah' story too: Watford Observer

Many thanks, Ben Sheath
Transfusion Practitioner
West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust
Watford General Hospital

Very many thanks Ben and all the team at Watford great to see, and welcome Nyah to Harvey's gang:

To help Harvey's gang continue to grow please help and donate here

Ryan and Kyle join Harvey's Gang in Taunton

Taunton Laboratory at Musgrove Park had two visitors to the lab today. (31st October 2018)

Ryan and Kyle are cousins who suffer from IGA Nephropathy. 

Both them and their family had a great time learning what happens with their blood when it comes in the lab. 
Kyle in particular is needle phobic and he may be coming to see us next time he is in to have his bloods collected to make sure his blood is tested ok!

Being Halloween Suzanne the MPH play worker kept in theme!.......
Many thanks, Matt Barnnett

Brrriiillliiiiaaaannnntttttt picture;

Welcome Kyle, welcome Ryan to Harvey's Gang; very best wishes, Malcolm Robinson

Harvey’s Gang Registered Charity Number: 1169181:

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