Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Harvey's gang goes live in Gloucestershire Royal hospital

Six year old Thomas the first patient at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital to be part of Harvey’s Gang when he visited their pathology labs with his brother Lewis and mum Lorraine on 20th December.

Nurse for Paediatric Oncology Claire Harrison says: “I am really excited about Harvey’s Gang coming to GRH, it is a great opportunity for our patients to see and understand exactly what happens to their blood every week. It’s also a great opportunity for me to get to know the staff in our pathology lab who work so hard in processing the blood samples I take from children and young people with cancer and leukaemia in Gloucestershire.”


Nikki Price, Senior Biomedical Scientist commented: “I am so pleased Harvey’s Gang has started in Gloucestershire. Such an amazing legacy to join that hopefully will take away the mystery of where blood samples go to and why it is so important for us to test them. My colleagues and I are really excited to make a positive difference to children’s experience of hospital visits and I hope that we pique their interest in science too!”  

Thomas’ Mum Lorraine adds: “Thomas really wanted to visit the lab and meet the people who his blood samples are sent to. The tour of the labs was great and it’s such a lovely thing to have on offer for young patients - getting to see him enjoy himself really meant a lot to me and it helps Thomas too. The staff were all lovely and spent their valuable time making this a day Thomas and his brother Lewis won't forget."

The adults in the photo are (l to r):
Play Specialist, Mum Lorraine and Claire Harrison

Every year, approximately 1 million blood samples are collected from children for testing in the UK. As well as being a positive experience for children, the tours also have a dramatic impact on the scientists at work, reminding them that every vial of blood they process represents a child or a patient in need of their help.


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