Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Another ‘Harvey’s Gang’ member introduced at the Pathology Laboratory at Queen Elizabeth & Queen Margaret

On 11th September 2017, Lewis and Oliver King visited Pathology at QEQM, with their parents Sharon and Van as part of ‘Harvey’s Gang’ to see what happens to their blood samples. 

The twins have an unstable haemoglobin which pre-disposes them to anaemia. 

By the age of 10 years, they have received numerous transfusions of red cells between them.

 The family followed samples through the laboratory and were fascinated with the workings of the different analyser's on show, particularly the equipment that interpreted  abnormal haemoglobin's and even loaded on some sample racks. The twins looked down a microscope at blood cells, watched how a blood group was determined and learnt all about a blood transfusion . They tried out the correct procedure for washing hands which provided a lot of laughter when their parents had a go.

The boys were thrilled to receive a laboratory coat, ID badge showing they were honorary biomedical scientists and a goody bag. Everyone had a fun time and the staff enjoyed explaining all the science. 

We eagerly await the next visit.

Robert Goddard, Chief biomedical scientist

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Friday, 13 October 2017

New Harvey's gang visitors in Dundee

The Dundee team were joined by Arek (7) sister Ala (3) Mum Magda (and Sonic the elephant) 

They had a Harvey's gang tour around the blood transfusion laboratory.  

Arek was receiving chemo last year for a Wilm's tumour and had 9 red cell transfusion and 1 platelet transfusion during treatment.  

He is now finished with chemo and onto 2 visits a month for check ups.

Arek examining a blood film.
Arek and Ala watching tile blood grouping
We were able to show the different types of components that Arek was transfused last year and the different ways they are stored.  

The blood grouping analyser was also a hit with its flashing lights and robot arm.

We loved having Arek and Ala (and Sonic) join us wearing their awesome wellies.

Fantastic to see and well done Lesley and the team at Dundee, another GREAT day.

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