Thursday, 10 August 2017

Harvey's Gang has new young person join at Worthing

We were honoured at Worthing to have young Yvonne NEWBOLD join us, on Wednesday.

Yvonne with our own Maggie Davies

Yvonne who has suffered over the years has been extremely needle phobic since she was 8 years old. We were honoured that she accepted an invitation to join Harvey's gang at Western Sussex NHS Foundation Trust. Yvonne toured with husband, Malcolm, both of whom asked lots of questions of all staff.

We do hope her experience will help her future healthcare needs. The team enjoyed all of Yvonne and Malcolm's questions.

We were able to have a picture of Yvonne with "bookends" called Malcolm!

Tabias joins Harvey's gang and visits PHARMACY too.

Tabias joins Harvey's gang in pathology and then visits PHARMACY as their first Harvey's gang tour.

Tabias with Senior BMS Sean, Film microscopy.

A terrific time on Tuesday and the lovely Tabias joined us at Worthing visiting all our pathology area's and then as a Harvey's gang trainee Scientist visited our PHARMACY to be their first Trainee Pharmacist.

Tabias, his Mum and Dad met the team lead by the amazing Paulina, and was given his own Pharmacist tunic and a Harvey's gang Goody Bag. Tabias was then introduce to so many people in the Pharmacy. 

We saw the sterile room where the made up the Chemotherapy, like Vincristine.

Robot and temperature controlled storage of Medicines

We were then honoured to meet the Robot that did all of the dispensing, and Tabias was prescribed a Kinder Surprise.

Eagerly awaiting Robot's delivery

Then a Box of Maltesers, prescribed as to be taken as necessary.

What an incredible day, the first Harvey's gang PHARMACY site. Meeting a patient was amazing. Pauline wrote:

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Worthing Pharmacy (dispensary and aseptics team in particular) for making Tabias visit an extra special time. Even though he was a bit shy to start with, he really enjoyed visit to the aseptics and getting some chocolates dispensed from the robot.
 This was first ever visit from Harvey's Gang in the pharmacy department and we are hoping to soon roll it out to other areas such as X-rays and radiology, where young patients could x-ray their doll or teddy bear.
 Malcolm Robinson from Western Sussex NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust (our trust) Blood Transfusion, who started this lovely initiative and has now introduced Harvey's gang at other Trusts asked to pass the message "how brilliant the visit was and how all of YOU are just amazing for making this happen, Thank you all".

We should be getting more patients through the door in the future 

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Ben joins Harvey's Gang at NHSBT Filton

Harvey’s Gang visit NHSBT at Filton

NHSBT Filton, near Bristol, had a wonderful visit from Ben, their first Harvey’s Gang member, accompanied by his nephew Dan.

Harvey’s Gang the charity which allows young people with long term health conditions to visit Medical laboratories and see what happens to their blood. 
Today we had a visit from Ben, who is 13 years old, has Down’s syndrome and Moyamoya Syndrome and has also had two strokes. Alongside learning about NHSBT, we also hope that the visit has helped Ben lessen his fear of needles.

Ben came to visit with Daniel (his 10 year old nephew), Mum (Bev), Dad (Derek) and Holly (Ben’s carer). Both Ben and Daniel received generous Harvey’s Gang goody bags with exciting things in them such as squishy red blood cells and pens that looked like syringes! Ben also received his very own Harvey’s Gang lab coat which he looked very smart in!

We then went to visit Manufacturing, where Kayley Vincent explained how we have to keep the area clean and tidy (just like our bedrooms at home!), and showed us how to put on lab coats and overshoes. She then took us into the department and explained how the blood bags we received are processed. Ben and Daniel got to scan in bar codes, press the button on the centrifuge and got very chilly when they were shown the walk in fridge! We also had the chance to say hello to Jess Tovey in Hospital services who explained the ‘hospital blood shopping list’.

Next stop was a visit to Mark Hand in the Transport department. Ben and Daniel were over the moon with their very own high-vis jackets and NHSBT baseball caps! Looking every bit like professional drivers, they were then able to have a look at one of the blood delivery cars, where Ben very much enjoyed sounding the siren and making the lights flash. It was so loud that Daniel had to cover his ears! The boys were then joined in the car by Holly, and they all had a very noisy and fun ride around the transport yard. This was definitely one of the highlights of the day, especially when the boys were each presented with a very small and special replica NHSBT transport van!

This movie must have sound as "Sirens are blaring and "Blues" are flashing!

After a quick break, everyone got to become real life scientists by visiting Tim Knapp in the training department and performing some experiments! Thankfully, Ben had his Harvey’s Gang lab coat, but Daniel had to borrow one which could have fitted two of him in! The boys also got to wear brightly coloured gloves and visors that made them look like superheroes! They were both very talented at pipetting and expertly performed tile and card blood groups of Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit!

Very tired, we all went for lunch, (Ben’s favourite of sausages chips and beans!) and had a good chat about the day! The boys received their Certificates of becoming Honorary Laboratory Scientists and we had lots of pictures! I would really like to thanks Ben and his family, and all from NHSBT who were involved in the visit, including Ruth Evans, John Kirkwood and Ceri Roberts. This was a truly special day, and we can’t wait to meet more Harvey’s Gang members!

Thank you all so very much, Vicky Tuckley.

A huge thanks must go from me, Malcolm Robinson to Vicky, Ruth John and Ceri, brilliant, and to the rest of the team at NHSBT Filton for making Harvey’s gang work at Filton. To see such smiles and laughter MUST help these young people.