Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The inspirational Toby and Elliott in London launch Harvey's gang at great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH)

Toby, his big brother Elliott, his mum and dad, Louise and Lee launched Harvey's gang at our  prestigious new site – Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). 

As a member of Harvey’s Gang, Toby honoured us on Monday 10 July 2017 by launching Harvey's Gang at GOSH 

The whole team and visitors at Great Ormond Street; Well done everyone.

Our Harvey's Gang “Vision” is that we are embedded into the healthcare pathway of children, it took a huge leap forward by starting tours at GOSH. Proud

I am very honored and humbled by having one of the UK’s specialist children’s hospitals take on Harvey’s Gang. GOSH Biomedical Scientists, Amanda and Munnar have worked particularly hard with GOSH’s Children and Young People's Participation Officer, Fiona to get these tours off the ground, but needed complete buy in from the whole pathology team before they could start.

It is fantastic for Biomedical Scientists and Laboratory Support Staff that do not see patients. At Western Sussex NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust hospitals, Harvey's Gang won the 2015 Kate Granger Compassionate Care Team award and the Chief Scientific Officer’s 2016 Award for Patient and Public Participation (we don't see patients!)

It empowers the staff and adds to job satisfaction. You can just feel it when you look at the faces of the youngsters.

NO words; truly inspirational picture, 1000's of words! speaks volumes!

The clotting cascade, brilliant! Nailed it.

Very proud day for everyone.

Allowing and empowering young patients to understand their illness, treatment by knowing about blood and the processing of their samples, and answering some of the parents’ questions, that doctors and nurses can’t answer quite so well.
Questions like:
Why do they need to be full to the line on the clotting samples?
Sample labeling criteria, and positive patient identification; Why?
Why do you need my samples so often?
Why do you need my samples before or/and after my treatment?

We have had one Consultant Paediatrician referral as a recommended treatment for a patient that needs regular samples and is very needle phobic.
"The tour was terrific and we no longer worry about needle phobia, and the young person brings their own samples down to the laboratory afterwards/" Wow!.

Toby showing a resultant PT test; Jelly clot. Toby has a number of these tests done.

The tours bring the young patient into the laboratory allowing us, mere humble, biomedical scientists and support staff to meet our patients, hear their stories, understand their illnesses, change our working practices and mostly ensure we do better and ensure our patients come first. 
Why? WE all feel such a huge increase in our job satisfaction and reasons to work so hard for them.

To continue to help us please donate and help us spread our vision. Thanks, and thank you Toby, Elliott, Amanda and Munnar; great day and thank you to the team from Western Sussex NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust, Hayley, and Kerry, and Claire (Harvey's Mum) we had a terrific day, thank you for sharing with us Toby.

Western Sussex NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust, key staff, Hayley and Kerry with Toby and Claire (Harvey's Gang).