Friday, 30 June 2017

Lakisha joins Harvey's Gang at King's College hospital

We have a new Honorary Junior Scientist who joined Harvey’s Gang today

10 year old Lakisha is a sickle cell patient of King's College hospital and the team at King's have been crossmatching blood for her since she’s has been 2 years old 

Amazingly, this young lady has received a total of 103 red cells units so far!

King's Blood Transfusion team with Lakisha and her sister, Umu.

All the team enjoyed meeting her and by the end of her tour she decided that a career in science is the way forward, which is fantastic news and makes us very proud.

A brilliant well done and THANK YOU to all you blood donors, as can be seen you are vital to young lives. It is important that we do receive blood donations from all of the population groups. 

Please continue to help Harvey's Gang

Friday, 2 June 2017

Happy friday feeling to everyone

An end of another week; WOW.

Another week goes by and Harvey's gang continues to grow; Our coat manufacturer require a special thanks too. Great coats for all of our Harvey's gang Children and young people.

A number of new sites gearing up to join Harvey's gang sites,namely Gateshead, Birmingham Children's, and NHSBT at Filton. (new stories and pictures will follow);

But still not enough sites, we still must continue to expand.

A special thank you too for the Community Co-Op team at The Broadwater Co-Op for having us as one of their supported charities, thank you Micky and Emma.

Really exciting times and the tour of Musgrove Park, Taunton and the lovely Idara is now on You Tube: (thanks Jenny);


Thank you to;

Handelsbanken for helping purchase our Harvey's gang coats, and thanks Dave, Sara and team at Food Safty for manufacturing such beautiful coats.
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics for our Harvey's gang goody bags
Lab Cold for our penguins.
and thanks again to Jack for the £ 150.84 too.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Harvey's gang champion Jack Chandler, a selfless Hero, comes to visit

A pleasure to have Jack and his brother Henry join Harvey's gang today at Worthing.

Jack read David Walliams book; "Horrid Henry gets rich quick" and decided to bake and sell cakes for Harvey's gang and not for himself. A selfless Hero.

Jack passing the Harvey's gang charity collection pot to Malcolm.

Jack made and sold cakes and helped the Mayor open Hamble park on the 13th April 2017. Jack raised £ 150.84p for Harvey's gang.

Total count £ 150.84 p WOW; thanks Jack.

A pleasure to show Jack and his younger brother Henry around our humble laboratory. Jack would like to become a scientist in the future.