Thursday, 23 March 2017

Risa joins Harvey's Gang at Southampton

Yesterday Risa had a tour and joined Harvey's gang at UHS

Risa visited the University Southampton hospital laboratory for a Harvey's gang tour yesterday.

Risa is 17 and post kidney transplant (2015) and has fortnightly plasma exchange (she came down to the laboratory following her exchange).  Risa has had nearly 600 units of plasma during her treatment at UHS so far and has a deep interest in how science works and is currently doing Chemistry A level at college.

 Risa had loads of questions.  She was really interested in how plasma is produced, but it was when she looked down the microscope at her own blood film that her face really lit up.

Risa was tired from treatment, but she had an awesome tour and we don’t think she wanted to leave!

Welcome and Well done Risa; and good luck with your A levels.

Also in other great news the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) have announced Harvey's gang on their e-mail to members: 

IBMS say: Some of you may already be familiar with the work of Malcolm Robinson but for those of you that don't know about Institute of Biomedical Science announces Harvey's gang I recommend that you read about our CEO, Jill Rodney's visit last week. A truly inspiring initiative which we can all learn from. 
Thank you Jill, Ian and Dan

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Healthcare Science week 2017 Harvey's gang leading the way

Healthcare Science week 2017, Harvey's gang leading the way in so many locations plus Malcolm & Claire visit Harvey's old school, Sompting Village Primary School and receive a huge cheque for £754.08 for Harvey's gang

New location; Taunton, first Harvey's gang tour. Harvey's gang new member; Esme, meets and tours with Matthew & team and all had a great time. 

The team at Taunton found the tour and experience very rewarding for all involved and this will be the first of many tours, and will be extending to their other laboratory, in Yeovil.

Claire and I visited Harvey's old school, Sompting Village Primary School to talk about Harvey's gang. We received a cheque for £754.08 raised by the school at their Christmas productions. I presented to the year 6 class, Harvey's year students, as their current topic was writing a persuasive article for raising money for Charity.

Amazing amount; THANK YOU Headmaster.

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

New Harvey's gang member at St Richard's Chichester and a VIP

Meet the very special Zofia, who joined Harvey's gang today with Jill Rodney, IBMS CEO

Malcolm honoured to meet the lovely Zofia

At St Richard's hospital Chichester, we had a fantastic morning where 5 year old Zofia (and her Dad) was joined by Jill Rodney IBMS (The Institute of Biomedical Science) CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for a Harvey's gang tour. Both young ladies enjoyed the trip around the lab in their Harvey's gang Lab coats. They saw the track with the various Lego figures and vehicles and the trains, including The Bullet train.
The Lab team enjoyed meeting Zofia as have processed her samples in the past. Zofia has been transfused Red cells and Platelets. She actually felt a bag of platelets today for the first time and felt that ""special" plastic bag".
Zofia left us happily after washing her hands with her Harvey's gang lab coat still on with her Goody bag heading for school to tell all her friends.

More pictures to follow in due course.

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Monday, 6 March 2017

Ninewells has another Harvey's gang member

Pleased to say that Lesley and team at Ninewells have introduced Amber into Harvey's Gang

Lesley, introduces the story, "We had another wee visitor today, Amber.  Unfortunately our other visitor could not come along today as she is in isolation; She will get another chance at a later date".


Jennett and Amber, and a good drop of the Red stuff!

Amber is 8 years old, she has Leukaemia (ALL) and is undergoing chemo-therapy.  She likes to dance and loves Disney's Frozen and attends school when she is able to. 
She brought her mum Carole along today too.

Mark, Amber, Lesley and Jennett.

 Malcolm writes; "What a team at Ninewells, Dundee. Thanks very much Lesley, Mark and team, do keep up this terrific project, Harvey's Gang. So very proud of you all. Thank you all. (am I allowed to leave exes?) xxxx

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Dundee welcomes 2 new Harvey's gang members, Evie and Summer-Rose.

Lesley and team welcomed 2 new Harvey's gang members to Ninewells, Dundee.

Lesley is proud to introduce new Harvey's gang Evie (8 year old ) who has a Wilms tumour, receiving chemo-therapy but is still bravely attending school and Summer-Rose (7 year old ) who has Leukaemia (ALL) and is receiving  chemo-therapy, still bravely attending school.  
 They all had a great time a couple of days ago 

It really was a lot of fun  and we got a  great deal from meeting and spending the time together. The staff as much as Evie and Summer Rose.
 Evie came along on her own with her phone to take pictures for her dad and filmed a lot of her experience.  The LabCold penguins came along too!

Summer-Rose came along with her mum and brought along Molly the puppy who features in some of the photos.

Both were bright, very interested and knew what blood and blood components they had received themselves; they  really enjoyed seeing the team store "their" components, and happily took pictures away. 

MANY THANKS to the very kind Blood Donors and Platelet donors that have helped and continue to help both Evie and Summer-Rose, bless you.