Friday, 22 December 2017

Lily joins Harvey's Gang in Dundee

The Dundee team had Lily (10) visit and join Harvey's gang on 18th December. 

Lily was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma back in April after going to the doctor about a lump on her shoulder.  

Whilst being on chemotherapy Lily has won the National Championships for her dancing and won the Scottish Championships 2 weeks ago, only 10 days after the removal of her left shoulder blade and part of left shoulder muscle removed.  (Huge congratulations Lily).

She does Street dance, Ballet and Tap, to name but a few!

It was a delight to have Lily visit us today and for joining us with our wearing of silly specs!
Lesley MacDonald.

Welcome Lily to the family of Harvey's Gang: (Caitlin joined Harvey's gang in Ashford in 2015) Like Caitlin, who suffers from Ewing’s Sarcoma also, we are amazed at your strength and bravery too. Caitlin recently won a Good Morning Britain award. Perhaps Caitlin and you could become "pen-pals"?
Very best wishes,


Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Agatha joined Harvey's Gang in Dundee

Dundee BTS were joined by Agatha, 6, now 7 on Monday 13th November.  

Agatha was joined by her Mum and sister Meredith (2), also the penguin, now known as ‘Snowflake’.  

Agatha has Leukaemia but has been in remission since July.  

We were really kept on out toes with this visit, lots of really good questions.  

Nothing got past Agatha, she is almost a fully fledged BMS!  

Her favourite parts of the visit were the computer, holding a bag of cold red cells, watching manual blood grouping and getting to hold a pipette.

Good co-ordination by Agatha with her matching sparkly shoes and hair bow.

We hope Agatha enjoyed her birthday pamper party 

Thanks Lesley and team at Ninewells, Dundee 

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Charlotte joins Harvey's Gang at RVI Newcastle

#HelloMyNameIs Charlotte and I am 8 and I love kittens.

I have poly-articular JIA. (Juvenile idiopathic arthritis). 

This means that I have arthritis in lots of my joints. I have medicine to make me better but it is nasty and I need my blood checking. I hate having my blood taken as it hurts and spoils my day. 

The JIA nurses told me about Harvey’s gang and said that I could see what happens to my blood. I was taken around the labs and allowed to be a scientist and given a bag of treats. I had a good day and it has helped me to understand why my blood is needed. Thank you. I love the red blood cell from the bag also everything else!

The scientists and assistants in the Blood Sciences laboratory loved having Charlotte as our newest trainee scientist; she is a great addition to Harvey’s Gang! 

All the laboratory staff find it very rewarding showing the members of Harvey’s Gang around, we often feel removed from the patient experience but meeting Harvey’s Gang members like Charlotte helps us remember what an important job we do. 

Hopefully Charlotte enjoyed her visit and will be a little less scared of having her bloods taken in the future.  

As far as I can see I do believe that Charlotte had a truly remarkable day with some amazing laboratory staff, well done everyone  at RVI: Great Patient experiences: thanks, Malcolm Robinson

Friday, 17 November 2017

Asher joins Harvey's gang and is escorted by his big sister, Mya

Asher joined Harvey's gang at Worthing yesterday. 16/11/2017 

Asher, aged 4 1/2 was escorted by his big sister, Mya. We had a fantastic afternoon learning and seeing science

looking around the laboratories and also seeing the Air Chute system for samples and sending empty pods back to the ward

Asher and Mya spent time looking at red cells, platelets and white cells with are Haematology and blood film expert, Sean.

Asher who has had lots of blood tests is hopefully reassured by seeing what happens to blood samples once they get to us. Clinical Chemistry was very busy with very large machines.


Then I was treated to group photographs

Recognition of a fabulous afternoon, a big thumbs UP.
Harvey’s Gang: 

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Our Harvey's Gang Film can be seen here: and 

our BBC tour in Taunton here

with our launch in November 2014 here Articles that will help you see our stories are: Scotland 
The Guardian

and IBMS deputy CEO, Sarah May, letter to Harvey: I did need a tissue or 3 when reading!

Thanks Asher, you made our day, we needed this tour as much as you did yesterday, it completed our day, correctly, reminding us, of why we do what we do, THANK YOU, Malcolm and the team at Worthing

Thanks Asher

Thursday, 2 November 2017

The Guardian and IBMS publish articles on Harvey's Gang

Harvey's Gang honoured by two articles published today

The first article written as part of a series on positivity in healthcare The Guardian, in the NHS published by Sarah Johnson, 

Harvey's Gang launch

and secondly an extremely  moving IBMS Letter written

by the deputy CEO of the Institute of Biomedical Science, Sarah May. 

Harvey's gang in Taunton

thank you both, Sarah and Sarah;

very best wishes, Malcolm and Harvey's Gang

Emily and her sister join Harvey's gang at St. Richards, Chichester

A lovely young lady, Emily, who is needle phobic joined Harvey's gang at Chichester recently. 

Emily was joined by her sister Megan and Mum Sharon.

the Lab coats were such a great fit too, and goody bags contained the prerequisite White chocolate buttons, Milk chocolate buttons and Jelly babies! (all under Mums supervision, and after leaving the lab!)

 The tour visited all area's of Blood Sciences, with the track, and Blood Transfusion.

We looked at the cells under a microscope after the Full blood counts had been performed on the Abbott Sapphires; 

We saw all the Lab Cold blood banks and Plasma freezers and the Ortho AutoVue's

The tour was great on the back of the recent Harvey's gang film (with Monkey) too.

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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Another ‘Harvey’s Gang’ member introduced at the Pathology Laboratory at Queen Elizabeth & Queen Margaret

On 11th September 2017, Lewis and Oliver King visited Pathology at QEQM, with their parents Sharon and Van as part of ‘Harvey’s Gang’ to see what happens to their blood samples. 

The twins have an unstable haemoglobin which pre-disposes them to anaemia. 

By the age of 10 years, they have received numerous transfusions of red cells between them.

 The family followed samples through the laboratory and were fascinated with the workings of the different analyser's on show, particularly the equipment that interpreted  abnormal haemoglobin's and even loaded on some sample racks. The twins looked down a microscope at blood cells, watched how a blood group was determined and learnt all about a blood transfusion . They tried out the correct procedure for washing hands which provided a lot of laughter when their parents had a go.

The boys were thrilled to receive a laboratory coat, ID badge showing they were honorary biomedical scientists and a goody bag. Everyone had a fun time and the staff enjoyed explaining all the science. 

We eagerly await the next visit.

Robert Goddard, Chief biomedical scientist

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Friday, 13 October 2017

New Harvey's gang visitors in Dundee

The Dundee team were joined by Arek (7) sister Ala (3) Mum Magda (and Sonic the elephant) 

They had a Harvey's gang tour around the blood transfusion laboratory.  

Arek was receiving chemo last year for a Wilm's tumour and had 9 red cell transfusion and 1 platelet transfusion during treatment.  

He is now finished with chemo and onto 2 visits a month for check ups.

Arek examining a blood film.
Arek and Ala watching tile blood grouping
We were able to show the different types of components that Arek was transfused last year and the different ways they are stored.  

The blood grouping analyser was also a hit with its flashing lights and robot arm.

We loved having Arek and Ala (and Sonic) join us wearing their awesome wellies.

Fantastic to see and well done Lesley and the team at Dundee, another GREAT day.

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