Monday, 12 December 2016

Junior Band Sir Robert Woodard Academy (SRWA); Thank you everyone

Harvey's gang would like to thank you ALL; Between you all, we raised £67.23 at the SRWA Christmas Fayre; and now the Junior Band have added another £100 to that; a TOTAL of £ 167.23:  A HUGE THANKS.

Well what a great day Christmas Fayre Saturday was at the Sir Robert Woodard Academy Junior Band concert. Teddy joined us for a short while! He was our raffle.

Huge congratulations Elizabeth on winning the Harvey's Gang bear; He has now left us, and  we so miss him already; 
He did make a number of friends at the Fayre as can be seen. (thank you Wilkinson's of Worthing, for the donation of the lovely bear)

Harvey's gang member Francesca and her sister Lilly met Teddy too, luckily he is sitting.

Kelly won the sweets

Nick won the lovely handmade 5,100 gram Christmas cake (and I will miss that! ( thank you Linda for making it)
Thanks Linda, great cake that I was sad to see go!

 Once again; Well done and thank you for supporting Harvey's Gang;

you all help raise £67.23 for Harvey's gang on the day and thank you too to the Junior Band for an additional £ 100 THANK YOU.

Hot chocolate packs; thanks Kayleigh

Thanks also for the super ongoing support from Handelsbanken, SWRA and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics; 

Please continue to help and all donations are really appreciated; Give to Harvey's Gang; place a donation

Best wishes, and thank you everyone, Merry Christmas all. Malcolm: Chair
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