Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Harvey's Gang Registration certificate

Busy Harvey's Gang day: We are now the very proud owners of our own Harvey's Gang Charity Registration certificate: 

116 9181; Harvey's Gang Charity Registration

Oscar joined Harvey's Gang at St Richard's hospital today too.

6 year old Oscar toured our laboratories at St Richard's Chichester today and all the team enjoyed meeting him. We are hoping that this will help Oscar having samples collected in future!

Trevor, Oscar and Zoe
Oscar, our Zoe even came in from Annual leave to meet you.

Today I popped into see Ellis, (Harvey's Gang member) back on Bluefin ward at Worthing, and say Hi; 

We had a timely delivery of Lab Cold penguins and so was able to give Ellis some new coloured penguins in my ISBT bag along with a comic, Lego, pens, sweets, and of course a Billy Blood drop.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Henry joins Harvey's gang at St Richard's hospital Chichester, WSHFT

4 year old Henry is the latest recruit to Harvey's gang. He had his tour with Mum, Michelle and Nanny Kim, and Monkey!

What a great afternoon, Tuesday 18th October 2016, at our laboratory yesterday as we had the pleasure of showing Henry around our laboratories and meeting all the team at St Richard's Chichester, Western Sussex NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust.

 Henry brought his own blood samples down to the lab and met Monkey he saw the Pod or air tube specimen shute system and then entered the magical laboratory. Henry worked with our Specimen Reception team to label and book his own samples into the computer system and give them a barcode.

Henry, Michelle and Kim then saw the "train-set" sorry, Track system that holds all of our Lego, miniature figurines, trains, cars and vans. He is too young to know the vehicle from Breaking Bad! but Mum recognised the Ghost Busters vehicle.

He toured the laboratory and saw his FBC being processed on the Abbott Sapphire and the results on the Laser scatter plot, then moved onto the Chemistry area where he saw his sample tested on both parts of the Abbott Architect.

We all then visited blood transfusion and found that we wouldn't have had a suitable unit of blood for this young man if he needed a transfusion, we would have had to request a delivery from NHS Blood and Transplant. We always need donors:

THANK you everyone for all of your time and effort to make this tour so very special for Henry, his Mum Michelle and Nanny Kim, who we hope now that the "tears of joy" have stopped flowing! Henry's face was a picture and his smile melted all of our hearts. Thank you Henry. To help then please visit. Thank you to those organisations and individuals that have helped us so much; Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Handelsbanken, LabCold, and BGS Reading.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

What an exciting day. A first; but they do say things happen in 3’s! so what will be the third? 3 new sites to start in Three Countries.

Dear friends, of "our" Harvey's gang, what an exciting day. A first; but they do say things happen in 3’s!

I am so very chuffed to say that Harvey's Gang will start in 3 new sites to start in Three Countries.

3 new sites to start in Three Countries.

Richard, Emma, and Claire; KEY  drivers to start Harvey's gang.

No tour would be without our LabCold penguins
The 3 new sites are Scotland, Wales and another site in England;

Preston, Lancashire, England;

Ninewells, Dundee, Scotland;

North Wales hospital, Wales (I am still not sure how to spell it!)

Amazing, so very chuffed; 

Cheers, Malcolm
Zoe, Toby and Kerry during our first tour at St Richard's