Thursday, 28 July 2016

Newcastle launch Harvey's Gang tours

Chloe becomes Newcastle' first Harvey's gang member with a Harvey's gang tour 

I am very pleased, and very honoured,  to announce that Chloe McLean became our first official Harvey’s Gang member on 18th July; this was very closely followed by Chloe’s teddy, Rainbow, who is their 2nd member of Harvey's gang at Newcastle.

Chloe, Sara and team

Very well done Sara and all the team (s) at the Royal Victoria Infirmary and other Newcastle hospitals 

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Great Ormond Street Hospital have their Harvey's Gang practice tour with the lovely Fiona

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children have their Harvey's Gang "practice" tour with the lovely Fiona.

A little practice and fine tuning was done on a Harvey's gang tour with their willing volunteer, the lovely Fiona Jones; All the team look happy with all of their hard work and effort, and final fine tuning; WELL DONE.
Practice Harvey's Gang Attendance Certificate

Great picture of the tour ladies

Well done to Munnar and Amanda and all the team @Gosh

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Thank you everyone for your kind donations and effort for the summer fete at the Sir Robert Woodard Academy

Harvey's gang had a Tombola stall at the Sir Robert Woodard Academy summer fete on Saturday.

Thanks to everyone that kindly donated gifts for the Tombola and all guests at the summer fete that bought Tombola tickets;

Natalya and Kashmira, Harvey's gang members and check out our Harvey's gang T shirts

We even had the crew from the Fire Service buy tickets, from Richard, Harvey's dad; they went away with a pink LabCold penguin; happy boys.

Together we raised £ 76.40 for Harvey's Gang; THANK YOU