Tuesday, 31 May 2016

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Emily produces a Harvey's gang brochure for School

Fantastic piece of work Emily, THANKS

Emily designed and produce a Harvey's Gang brochure as part of her school homework. I am so honoured and Harvey's story has now been told at Emily's school. Great piece of work; Marked by me as 100% at least an A*.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Sir Robert Woodard Academy does have Talent.

Musical brilliance from BTEC students at Sir Robert Woodard Academy

The concert raised a huge £ 366.53; Massive THANK YOU, everyone.

The students as part of their BTEC qualification had to arrange all details of putting on a musical event. I was highly impressed with all the arrangements, and down to the evening compere and door staff; Well organised, well oiled machine. They all deserve an A* qualification on that evidence.

The vast array of talent demonstrated their music, singing and playing the large array of various musical instruments and all under their Lead Teacher, Laura Fauvel

Woodard does have Talent

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Ellis joins Harvey's Gang at Worthing

Ellis visits Worthing laboratory and has a Harvey's Gang tour and joins Harvey's Gang .

Ellis had his Harvey's Gang tour with Mum and one of his older older brother's. Harvey's Gang Charity Concert! 

We are putting on a show to raise money for our Harvey's Gang. 

We are playing a variety of songs that have we have listened too throughout our lives and when we were young. 

The group is made up of Felix Barrett, Rachel Harrocks, Millie Cronin, Keeley Nagle, Amber Boden, Megan Phillips, Zac Lelean and Connie Franks. 

We also have a great soloist Dom Lelean and a great local band called One Beat Silence. 

Tickets are just:  £3 

Available via wise pay or phone the srwa box office and reserve tickets. Limited tickets available on the door. 

Refreshments available.

We DO hope you can make it and enjoy the night! JOIN US, please, thank you.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Harvey's Gang @ GOSH

Harvey's gang went to visit some very special new friends at Great Ormond Street hospital.

 The team at GOSH; Munnar, Fiona, Malcolm, Emma and Amanda

Peter Pan garden at GOSH

The day was amazing and spending good quality planning time with this team was terrific.

Learned so much about the hospital.

The famous Entrance to GOSH

Harvey's Gang @ GOSH will be a reality, so very happy and pleased and I will work with the team to ensure we start Harvey's gang tours for their children and their families.