Thursday, 28 April 2016

Harvey's Gang coat producer helps spread Harvey's Gang; Thanks Dave

Harvey's gang coats manufacturer have now helped spread our story

Thank you Food Safety Direct.

A Huge THANK YOU to BGS Reading

3 Day Transfusion Education meeting BGS Reading, finished with Richard, Claire and Malcolm presenting HARVEY'S STORY.

Richard looking great in his Harvey's Gang
coat, sponsored by Handelsbanken (thank you).

Some emotions were shown; for this Malcolm did apologise, but the committee kindly raised Charity funds by selling tissues! 

Our Charity boxes
The 3 day event was well supported and all attendees from the young trainees to the, some nearly retired, Biomedical Scientists, Clinical Scientists, Transfusion Practitioners, Doctors and Consultants all learned something new.

The presentations alerted the users to different practices, but all following "guidelines".
Colleagues from SHOT and NEQAS added SpICE all finished off with a little TACT.

The final total of funds raised are eagerly awaited but thought to be greater than £ 300 was raised; BRILLIANT thanks everyone at BGS Reading

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Harvey's Gang Lead article in IBMS Gazette

We, have never been so close to the Front Page news!

Thank you IBMS Deputy CEO for publishing about us in our IBMS Gazette.

The IBMS Gazette is read by Biomedical Scientists across the world. It is telling and advertising our story.

our story continues to be helped by Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, LabCold, Handelsbanken, SHOT, and NHSBT.

We are at BGS Reading next week, come say hello to Harvey's Gang

Donate to help Harvey's Gang now, Thank you