Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Holly joined Harvey's gang with the Dundee team

The Dundee team were joined by Holly (13) and her mum (Fiona) on 4th June.  

 Holly has Hereditary Spherocytosis and has had her gall balder removed after complications arising from this.  She also has mild von Willibrands factor.  

Whilst she would like to attend school full time the spherocytosis means that she is always anaemic and therefore frequently tired.  She is still diligently studying at home though (wish all the staff here were as conscientious)!

Holly is also a very keen dancer and doesn’t let her anaemia stop her from enjoying ballet, highland dancing, jazz and broadway. Phew!

It was a pleasure to have someone visiting who is so keen to learn and find out about what we do and how it relates to her diagnosis.  A good time was had by all.  Holly is keen to visit the other laboratories to learn even more!

Welcome to Harvey's Gang Holly; I am glad you have joined as and good luck for the future, hopefully the Dundee team will get you into the other laboratories soon, best wishes, Malcolm, Founder Harvey's Gang

Monday, 21 May 2018

Eva joins Harvey's Gang at Southampton

On Friday University Hospital at Southampton (UHS) 

Kerry and team write; "we had the great pleasure of meeting 7 ½  year old
Eva has  Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) and has been treated at UHS since she was  a 1 year old!

Eva bought hospital bear along on the visit, he had his own home made lab coat which was super awesome!

Eva loves science and was really excited and engaged by her tour.  Eva’s mum said the initiative was inspired and a great experience for the children, often the blood tests needed are not explained to the family.  Eva went back to clinic, had her sample taken and came back smiling to load it on the track.

Eva’s play specialist Jenny took her second tour alongside Eva, Jenny said she loved the way each tour was tailored to the child and was very age appropriate.  Apparently Eva was buzzing with excitement after the tour and she wants to be a scientist J

For me today it was humbling to watch Eva intently listening and taking in everything we told her, such a smart young lady.  She put a smile on all the staffs faces.

Looking forward to our next little visitor

Kerry Dowling
Blood Transfusion Laboratory Manager

Laboratory Medicine

Southampton General Hospital

Thanks Kerry and Harvey's Gang team at Southampton: Did you Catch the BBC The One Show? I was recognised, with an NHS70 Healthcare award for Children and Young People, for the work that Harvey's Gang is doing in 40 Trust sites around the UK. Very humbled, thank you, Malcolm.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Portsmouth QA hospital launch Harvey's Gang

Good news Portsmouth QA hospital (Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust) hosted Harvey's Gang:

Nathan Hunt, Blood Sciences Laboratory Manager for Portsmouth writes; "our first Harvey's gang tour on Thursday of last week. Our first patient was Sam, an 8 year old boy with immunodeficiency which required a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT). He was accompanied by his older brother Liam and his Dad. Unfortunately the other little boy was too sick to attend but Paediatrics were able to speak to the family of two brothers, Abdullaah and Abdurrahman, with beta Thalassaemia and they were able to attend at short notice with their Dad. 

From left - Laura Wainwright (Consultant Clinical Biochemist), Mark Cubbon (Chief Executive of the Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust), Liam Merrick and brother Sam Merrick, Melloney Poole (Chairman of The Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust), and Andrew Flatt (Clinical Director of Pathology)
They were greeted by the CEO Mark Cubbon and the Trust Chairperson, Melloney Poole where they also received their Harvey's Gang lab coats (a favourite with everyone including the staff) and Harvey's Gang goodie bags before splitting into two groups to have a look around Blood Bank, Haematology, Flow (Sam only) and Screening (Abdullaah and Abdurrahman only). 
There were interactive ‘experiments’ in Blood bank and some pressing of buttons in Haematology.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the tour and feedback from the the Paediatric Consultants, parents and also the staff involved was very positive and appreciative. 
There is a wash up meeting planned for later this week and some fund raising events also in the pipeline (we do love cake in pathology!). (isn't that the truth! comment by Malcolm)

I have also suggested some lunchtime educational meetings for the staff based on the conditions the boys have, to complete the loop as it were, as some of the lab staff do not have a great deal of knowledge of these particular conditions. I will keep you updated re the fundraising.

Thanks Nathan, Harvey's Gang tours are great Continual Professional development (CPD), as some laboratory teams specialise in different area's and some staff groups do miss out. I am so very pleased that you, as a local Trust, Portsmouth, are now live with Harvey's Gang tours. Harvey's gang are live in 35 NHS Trusts now we are halfway to this year' goal of NHS70

Brilliant work Team Portsmouth, many thanks Malcolm

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Another Harvey's Gang tour at Southampton, today

9 year old Zakir joined Harvey's Gang today

Kerry and her team in the Pathology laboratories are busy; Today the laboratories at UHS Southampton had the pleasure of a visit from Zakir (9) with his brothers, Rahim and Yasin, and their Mum & Dad

Zakir is a kidney transplant patient

His favourite part of the tour was ‘blobbing’ (AKA tile group) and his 12 year old brother loved the microscope

Help Harvey's Gang and donate here, please; Thank you

Well done Kerry and Team, welcome to Harvey's Gang, Zakir;

And now we have "Blobbing" for Tile Grouping, but will this overtake yesterday's "Mango slushie" for (Platelets)! It's a new vocabulary, and I didn't do well with the real one!Have a great day, best wishes, Malcolm Robinson, Harvey's Gang

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Kelsy, Keira and Dad, (Billy), join Harvey's Gang in Southampton today

Today in Southampton University hospital we had Kelsey join Harvey's Gang;

Kelsey who is 5 and ¾ visited us with her sister, Keira (7) and their Dad, Billy; Together they joined Harvey's Gang touring the laboratory and asking questions.

 Kelsey has Neuroblastoma.  Kelsey has had multiple transfusion of red juice (Red Cell Transfusions) and "Mango Slushie" (platelets)

Kelsey wanted to know ‘everything’ about the lab

Kelsey her sister Kiera and dad Billy really enjoyed their tour – especially doing some ‘real science’;

 and the "squishies" Martha and Olivia (AKA The LabCold penguins)

Well done Kerry and everyone at UHS NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust; 

As a footnote Harvey's Gang went LIVE in Manchester (Harvey's Gang site 32) yesterday; I will update everyone when I have the full story; Manchester will be closely followed by Bristol, Edinburgh and Dublin, all this month I hope;

very best wishes, 

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Peter Evans, LEGO Continuous Improvement Director joins Harvey's Gang

Harvey's Gang was honoured to host and ensure Peter Evans joined Harvey's Gang at both Worthing and St Richard's hospitals. THANK YOU,  I do really hope you enjoyed your time with us Peter as much as I enjoyed the time hosting you with us at Harvey’s gang 

Our team enjoyed meeting you and sharing idea's and Lego: Aidan and Adam only two, of our many, AFOL's and Play Specialists.

I do really hope that LEGO are able to help Harvey’s gang as we grow and achieve 70 sites this year and beyond. New sites will be Vermont in USA and Canada.

This is a diagram of our "tracked laboratory at St Richards. However
 we have a separate Manual handling, currently, larger laboratory at Worthing. Peter experienced a Harvey’s Gang tour, the Harvey's Gang Lab coat and Harvey's Gang Goody bag, including the FIRST orange Harvey’s Gang LabCold penguin in his Goody bag.

Additionally THANK YOU Peter and  LEGO for Bluefin (Worthing) and Howard (St Richard’s) wards new LEGO collection. It will be used by our young patient's (and not so young!)
Peter setting up with Harvey's Gang wall in the background.
LEGO heaven!

And who new LEGO biggest manufacturer on Tyres in the world!
6 bricks (4 x 2) same colour: over 910 million combinations, just from 6 bricks!
The education of LEGO working WITH Harvey's Gang will be amazing.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Harvey's Gang has had a great start to 2018

With the NHS being 70 years old later this year Harvey's gang would like to reach 70 sites!

Well what a great start to 2018 with 31 sites with Harvey's Gang tours and an additional 31 working towards starting tours! Also we have tours in Pharmacies too. Truly amazing, well done everyone involved.

Harvey's Gang has published their first newsletter and we hope to produce a new one every 6 months.

Harvey's Gang is being supported at  BGS Reading 12 - 14th April and LabCold have already produced the very special Harvey's Gang orange penguins that will be used to raise funds for Harvey's Gang.

Harvey's Gang was shortlisted for the Chief Scientific Officers Healthcare (Partnering Patients & Citizens) 2018 award and I was very lucky to meet HRH The Princess Royal, Princess Anne. We came runner up to an amazing service that looks at helping youngsters with calibrating their hearing aides and grommets; when you really think of it this is not easy, even I would say nearly impossible, and during the awards I talked with Emily Frost and I hope that we can help 3D Tune-in develop with Harvey's Gang in the future.

I received a letter from our Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) President and CEO which made me feel very special,  a very big thank you Alison and Jill, receiving this did make me feel very special.

The race is now on for the big cities to go live with Harvey's gang too: Rebecca and team in Manchester and Tamara and team in Edinburgh. These will really help so many more young people in these cities and clinical referral sites. (The pictures and Stories will follow as they go live).

Finally I have been shortlisted for Biomedical Scientist of the Year; This award will be announced on April 20th . I am so very proud and honoured to have been nominated, but then to be shortlisted is amazing. Fingers crossed.

very many thanks for reading, best wishes, Malcolm and Trustees of Harvey's Gang